Mouse Ears Beanie & Mary Janes

2 May

Hi everyone!!! Finally posting an update! We’ve been naughty for not posting for the past four months (yikes!). But guess who’s back to knitting again?

We’ve been knitting quite a couple of baby products – baby Mary Janes, baby beanies, baby sweater, etc. It’s good picking up our knitting needles once again after our “amigurumi fever”, hehehehe.

Sending out these cuties in the mail in the next few days.

Blue & White Baby Mary Janes

Gray Mouse Ears Beanie

They are gifts from one of our customers to her beloved nephew – who is a fighter having to go through a heart surgery at 2 weeks old because he wiggled out of his mummy’s womb earlier than his due date! Naughty little buddy but I’m sure he’s well loved by everyone around him.

We wish him good health, lots of love, lots and lots of giggles and bubbles and happy thoughts everyday!

Little one, hope these will keep you warm, not only physically, but at heart this winter =)

Lots of love,

The Purl Shop



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