Amigurumi Easter Eggs

15 Jan

Happy 2011 everyone! I know it’s a little bit early as Easter is three months away but I have just finished crocheting an Easter egg yesterday and I couldn’t wait to share it with all of you here on Purl Shop.

I initially had the idea of creating an openable egg shell, of which you can place candies or chocolate treats inside. Unfortunately, the egg shell didn’t turn out as firm as I expected it to be so I had to make and place something inside that would hold the shells together. At last, I decided that a little chick will make this gift incredibly cute.

So, if you would love to give your friends and family something different for Easter this year, why not get the Amigurumi Easter Eggs from The Purl Shop? They do last longer than chocolates, you know, and they don’t give you tooth decay 😛

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Size: Approximately 8cm tall (with shell), 6.5cm (little chick itself)

Material: Pure wool + ribbon

Price: AUD$8 (excluding postage)

Since Easter is three months away, we will place this entry on top of our blog for the next three months up till Easter Day itself. New entries will be below this post so don’t forget to scroll down for updates! We already have a few more products coming up 😉

Oh! Also, don’t forget to “tweet” and/or “rate” this post if you like it! Thanks! Have a great weekend! =)


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