Loving Green

23 Oct

Are you a fan of The Purl Shop’s handmade scarves? If you are, we have great news to share! This week, we finished another beautiful piece of handmade scarf in pretty shades of green.

Using European yarn (Made in Italy).

Detailed view.

We chose green this time around because it is suitable for The Purl Shop lovers both in the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

For those of you in the Northern hemisphere, green adds a little liveliness to your Autumn season. Green complements yellow & red autumn leaves so well!

For those of you in the Southern hemisphere, as green represents new life, green is the perfect color to wear in Spring!

We had a little fun with the scarf this time and took photos of the various ways you can mix this scarf with your wardrobe.

With a simple single coloured tee.

With a bright coloured knitwear.

With a cropped blazer and a pair of floral shorts.

Length: 1.8 metres

Width: 14cm

Price: AUD$39 (excluding postage)

Hope you enjoyed our update this week! Remember to drop by next week for more! =)


2 Responses to “Loving Green”

  1. Carley June 23, 2012 at 3:57 pm #

    Hello! I was wondering if you know the brand of your light green yarn used? I think it is exactly what I have been using for a toy frog I’ve been knitting – and I’ve just run out – with only one leg to go! I thought I had bought two, so I didn’t save the label from the first one. And now I’ve been looking everywhere to replace it. It would be AMAZING if you could help! Thanks!

    • thepurlshop June 23, 2012 at 7:59 pm #

      Hi Carley!! We used Vera Moda’s Irena European yarn for our light green for this scarf. We used to stock these on Spotlight in Australia. Unfortunately this yarn has been discontinued and we haven’t been able to find it anywhere else. It’s quite disappointing considering what a good yarn it was! Hope you’ll be able to find this somewhere online. Good luck!! xox

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