Amigurumi Rock Star

12 Jun

Hello everyone who’s been following The Purl Shop!!! So sorry for the lack of update for the past 2 months! Again, we’ve been too caught up with other things in life that we didn’t manage to update our little comfort zone here.

But we managed to squeeze in some time to crochet & knit a little 😛 Hopefully we’ll be keeping up with the routine once again since winter is here! Really looking forward to making more winter accessories this year.

We have so many ideas in our wicked little minds but so little time on our hands! Do let us know if you have anything in mind!! Perhaps send us a photo of something you saw online and really like but can’t afford. We’ll see if we can make something similar for you =)

Do bear in mind that all our products are handmade with l♥ve!

Moving along, let us introduce this little buddy we finished about a month ago – an Amigurumi Rock Star!

Size: 10 cm tall

Color: Grey (body) Dark grey (mullet)

Customization available: Added key chain, added felt mouth with/without teeth (see illustration below). Extra cost applies. Please email to enquire.

Selling for AUD$8 excluding postage.

Note: From a smoke-free, pet-free environment.

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