Pink Baby Beanie for Newborn

12 Jun

Baby Beanie for Newborn

Sorry for the lack of updates! We have been busy completing orders for the past couple of weeks!

Above is a new product we have in store – pink baby beanie for newborns or babies up to 6 mths old. Made of 100% acrylic yarn by Down to Earth.

This little beanie of not more than 5.5 inches wide when lying flat actually took me a few days to finish. The first one I completed was way too small to fit any baby’s head and nope, I don’t think they even fit preemies’ heads. So I started a new one with 8 extra stitches and tada! It’s so much better this time =)

We absolutely love yarns by Down to Earth. Unfortunately, they are rare to find these days. We found this only pink yarn left in Spotlight last month and I don’t think there will be any left. We already have a buyer for this beanie so if you’re interested in placing an order for this cutie, please be noted that we will be using a different yarn which will most probably have a slightly different color and texture. However, we will make sure to choose something soft and comfortable for babies =)

Price: AUD$25 (including postage)

Size: Head circumference of 11″ – 12.5″ (suitable for newborns)

Note: From a smoke-free, pet-free environment.

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