More Easter Bunnies!

26 Mar

We are definitely on a roll this week! The Purl Shop now has more Easter bunnies to sell!

This cute little female bunny makes a cute gift for this coming Easter!

She has beautiful long ears and loves wearing her little flower headpiece. =) Easter eggs, anyone? Lol.

Here’s a photo of her with Mr Carrot! Say cheese!

Here’s her hopping happily in the backyard one day because she’s happy seeing a beautiful rainbow in the sky!

She’s about 3.5 inches tall. Very lovable and very cuddly!

Price: AUD$20 (excluding postage)

Did we mention that we will also be having a male bunny in store soon?

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming in store this coming week!

He’s still not done yet – we have yet to sew some feet and ear linings for him 😉

Don’t forget to come back for more!


Easter Bunny!

22 Mar

Hello all!

Thepurlshop has something adorable to share with you this Easter! Here is an Amigurumi of a little child dressed up in a snuggly bunny suit. Hope you all like it!

(Bunny comes with an ice cream)

Did we mention that the bunny suit has a super cute fluffy tail as well?

This bunny is approximately 6 inches tall from tip to toe.

Price: AUD$20 (excluding postage)

thepurlshop wishes all our readers a Happy Easter and Happy Holidays!

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iPhone Cover in Coral & Blue

27 Nov

Our iPhone Covers are now also available in beautiful coral & blue!

Fits all iPhones perfectly! All our iPhone cover designs and color combinations are one of a kind therefore making each one an excellent gift for someone special =) Featured here with little party monster, teehee~

Price: AUD$10 (excluding postage)

iPhone Cover in Pink & White

3 Nov

Introducing our new product on The Purl Shop – the ever-so-cute iPhone cover in pink and white, featured with a cute pink and white striped button as well!

It’s lightweight, cute, and one of a kind! 100% handmade with love from us =)

Fits all iPhones perfectly. Shown here with an iPhone 4S.

Material: Pure wool + button

Price: AUD$10 (excluding postage)

Will be available in other colors soon so please do remember to come back for more! 😉

Mouse Ears Beanie & Mary Janes

2 May

Hi everyone!!! Finally posting an update! We’ve been naughty for not posting for the past four months (yikes!). But guess who’s back to knitting again?

We’ve been knitting quite a couple of baby products – baby Mary Janes, baby beanies, baby sweater, etc. It’s good picking up our knitting needles once again after our “amigurumi fever”, hehehehe.

Sending out these cuties in the mail in the next few days.

Blue & White Baby Mary Janes

Gray Mouse Ears Beanie

They are gifts from one of our customers to her beloved nephew – who is a fighter having to go through a heart surgery at 2 weeks old because he wiggled out of his mummy’s womb earlier than his due date! Naughty little buddy but I’m sure he’s well loved by everyone around him.

We wish him good health, lots of love, lots and lots of giggles and bubbles and happy thoughts everyday!

Little one, hope these will keep you warm, not only physically, but at heart this winter =)

Lots of love,

The Purl Shop


Amigurumi Easter Eggs

15 Jan

Happy 2011 everyone! I know it’s a little bit early as Easter is three months away but I have just finished crocheting an Easter egg yesterday and I couldn’t wait to share it with all of you here on Purl Shop.

I initially had the idea of creating an openable egg shell, of which you can place candies or chocolate treats inside. Unfortunately, the egg shell didn’t turn out as firm as I expected it to be so I had to make and place something inside that would hold the shells together. At last, I decided that a little chick will make this gift incredibly cute.

So, if you would love to give your friends and family something different for Easter this year, why not get the Amigurumi Easter Eggs from The Purl Shop? They do last longer than chocolates, you know, and they don’t give you tooth decay 😛

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Size: Approximately 8cm tall (with shell), 6.5cm (little chick itself)

Material: Pure wool + ribbon

Price: AUD$8 (excluding postage)

Since Easter is three months away, we will place this entry on top of our blog for the next three months up till Easter Day itself. New entries will be below this post so don’t forget to scroll down for updates! We already have a few more products coming up 😉

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Birds Ready for Christmas

29 Dec


Merry Christmas everyone! How was your Christmas this year? We got a little busy towards Christmas this year because we received two orders from a lovely friend! She bought the Christmas series and 10 amigurumi birds for her colleagues. I went to Spotlight the next day after she placed her order to look  for different colors of yarns. Finished crocheting 10 amigurumi birds in two nights! That was some intensive crocheting, haha.

Fortunately, the parcel reached her just in time before Christmas arrives! She sent me the photo above on the day she received the parcel. She had one of the birds trapped in a little jar, how cute!

Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas! And if we don’t update before New Year’s, here’s to wishing you all a very Happy New Year! Happy 2011!